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CADORmed - Download the free Excel tool for internal dose assessment

07 February '22


Free Excel® tool for internal dose assessment developed by EDF Occupational Health Service and validated by EURADOS WG 7.

CADORmed is a tool for the interpretation of individual monitoring data for dose assessment in case of internal exposures. It allows data to be imported from OIR Data Viewer with a secure procedure, and the performance of user friendly dose assessment calculations according to French Good Practice Recommendations and EURADOS IDEAS Guidelines.

For more information and download links for the CADORmed tool and the user's manual, please visit the sub-page for the Task Group on WG 7 "Internal Dosimetry" page.

Contact person: Bernard Landry (EDF, France), developer of the CADOR code, e-mail: bernard [dot] landry [at] edf [dot] fr

CADORmed Working Group : Bastian Breustedt, Carlo-Maria Castellani, Maria Antonia Lopez, Juan-Francisco Navarro, Gareth Roberts, Inmaculada Sierra

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