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EIVIC 2020 phantom and sources for rental

19 December '22
EIVIC 2020 phantom

The EC-project entitled "European In-vivo Counting Intercomparison Exercise 2020 (EIVIC 2020)" was organised jointly by members of EURADOS WG7, the Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS, Germany) and IRSN (France). The objective of this project was to assess the implementation of individual monitoring requirements in EU Member States on the basis of in-vivo measurements and gain insight into the performance of in-vivo measurements using whole-body counters. In this context, 43 laboratories from 21 countries + JRC Ispra (EC) + IAEA took part in this work.

Brick sources
Rod sources

Now, that the project is finished, the phantom and sources that were used for the EIVIC 2020 European Intercomparison for Whole-body Counters can be obtained for rental. This offer applies to a Saint-Petersburg brick phantom (“Victor”, “Irina” or “Igor”) in the P4/70 kg and P5/90 kg configurations and sets of sources with Cs-134/Cs-137 (EIVIC Task Emergency) and Ba-133/Eu-152 (EIVIC Task Calibration). The bricks of the phantom contain holes, which can be filled with rod sources of known activities (see photos).

Please check the EIVIC report, which will be published very soon and made available on the EURADOS website, for further information about the phantom, sources and activities. Note that the sources for the other EIVIC tasks cannot be rented. The phantom and sources can only be sent to EU member states.

Please contact office [at] eurados [dot] org (EURADOS Office) for further information about the conditions.

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