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EURADOS Report 2021-06 published: "EURADOS Intercomparison IC2017n for Neutron Dosemeters"

22 November '21

EURADOS Intercomparison IC2017n for Neutron Dosemeters

S. Mayer, M-A. Chevallier, E. Fantuzzi, M. Hajek, M. Luszik-Bhadra, R. Tanner, D.J. Thomas, F. Vanhavere

Abstract: EURADOS has carried out a number of different intercomparison exercises for personal dosemeters in the past that qualify as proficiency tests for different dosimetry systems and radiation types including one previous neutron personal dosemeter intercomparison (IC2012n). Neutron intercomparisons are especially complicated to design because of the limited availability of reference fields and the costs associated with the exposures.

IC2017n was the second EURADOS organized intercomparison exercise for neutron personal dosemeters. It was an important and timely exercise because international neutron dosimetry intercomparisons have in the past only been performed every 8-10 years. New dosemeters are currently under development and the problems associated with the design of high-quality neutron personal dosemeters are greater than those for photon personal dosemeters.

IC2017n was carried out by a EURADOS nominated Organization Group (OG) consisting of: Marie-Anne Chevallier (IRSN, F), Elena Fantuzzi (ENEA, I), Michael Hajek (IAEA, UN-Vienna), Marlies Luszik-Bhadra (PTB, D), David J. Thomas (NPL, UK), Rick Tanner (PHE, UK), Filip Vanhavere (SCK-CEN, B), and led by a coordinator, Sabine Mayer (PSI, CH).

32 individual monitoring services (IMSs) registered for the comparison, with 33 dosimetry systems. 6 services participated for the first time in a EURADOS intercomparison for whole body neutron dosemeters, while 26 participated for the second time. Most participants were from European countries, but IMSs from Japan, the United States, Brazil, and India also participated in the intercomparison. In total 924 dosemeters were irradiated in selected neutron fields on an ISO slab phantom. The irradiations were performed at 2 European accredited laboratories which are both national primary metrology laboratories for ionizing radiation: NPL (National Physical Laboratory, UK) and PTB (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt, D). All irradiations were carried out according to an irradiation plan developed by the OG.

Values of neutron personal dose equivalent, Hp(10), were reported by all the participants for all their irradiated dosemeters. The results show that most, but not all (21 out of 33), of the participating systems fulfilled the ISO 14146:2018 performance criteria for the test.

A meeting was held during the EURADOS Annual Meeting, AM2019, in February 2019 in Łódź, Poland, to allow the participants to discuss with the OG general aspects of this intercomparison and specific systems problems that some IMs have faced.

The intercomparison results can assist participants in showing compliance with their quality management systems. Moreover, they allow comparisons of individual results with those of other participants and, if required, help in developing action plans for improving their systems.


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