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EURADOS Training Course - Application of Monte Carlo Methods for Individual Monitoring and Dosimetry of Ionizing Radiation

04 March '22
IFJ Krakow

The Monte Carlo (MC) method is a numerical simulation technique that is widely used to model ionizing radiation transport for dosimetry and radiological protection. A 2nd training course on individual monitoring dosimetry applications of MC simulations is being organized by the European Radiation Dosimetry Group (EURADOS), following its postponement from 2020 and the successful first running of the course in Karlsruhe, Germany in March 2018.

The course immediately precedes the joint International Conference on Individual Monitoring of Ionising Radiation (IM2022) and Neutron and Ion Dosimetry Symposium (NEUDOS-14) on 23-24 April 2022 and is aimed primarily at PhD students and young investigators working in the field of dosimetry of ionizing radiation.

Internationally renowned experts will provide lectures and guide practical exercises. The course will consist of modules on:

  • Dose quantities and units, including the changes proposed recently by ICRU
  • Discussion of instruments, detectors and dosemeters
  • Introduction to the physics relevant to individual monitoring for photons and neutrons
  • Application of simulations in individual monitoring for calibration, personal dosimetry and area monitoring

Extended practical sessions will guide participants through the design and development of an idealized personal dosemeter. Reference solutions will be provided after each session, with time allowed for discussions and questions.

The registration is closed! More information can be found here.

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