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Newsletter March 10, 2021 - Two initiatives from the WG7 Task Group on “Internal Dosimetry for Emergency”

10 March '21
EURADOS - Newsletter (2021)

Two initiatives from the WG7 Task Group on “Internal Dosimetry for Emergency”

Within EURADOS WG7, a Task Group on “Internal Dosimetry for Emergency” has been created. The Task Group proposes two new initiatives:

1. A study for collecting information on in vitro emergency monitoring of alpha emitters and Sr-90 in case of nuclear accidents.

The objective of the study is to know the state of the art and the capabilities of the different laboratories in case of an emergency, and the establishment of an international network of in vitro and non in vitro laboratories.

Technical information about your laboratory and methods is required. Please complete the questionnaire below.

Please send your answer by e-mail to: inma [dot] sierra [at] ciemat [dot] es ( )and carolina [dot] hernandez [at] ciemat [dot] es.
Deadline March 31th 2021.

Questionnaire for the state-of-the-art study of in vitro monitoring

2. An intercomparison of age-dependent thyroid phantoms used for calibration of in in vivo monitoring laboratories in the world.

The measurements of the phantoms will take place at the CIEMAT Whole Body Counter (WBC) in Madrid, Spain. The neck phantoms + radioactive sources and empty vials will be sent to this laboratory at any time from April to December 2021, after confirming availability of your Institution and CIEMAT. You are also invited to visit CIEMAT WBC and participate in the measurements of your phantoms otherwise the CIEMAT WBC staff will take care of this task.

If you are interested in participating, please complete the questionnaire below. Technical information about your thyroid phantoms is required.

Please, send your answer confirming participation and the technical information by e-mail to: jf [dot] navarro [at] ciemat [dot] es and begona [dot] perez [at] ciemat [dot] es">begona [dot] perez [at] ciemat [dot] es.
Deadline 31 March 2021.

Questionnaire for the thyroid phantom intercomparison

Please, note that the deadline for both the initiatives is set to March 31, 2021.

You are invited to join in this initiatives!


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Executive editor
Paola Fattibene
Istituto Superiore di Sanita', ISS

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