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Newsletter November 27, 2020 - Call for proposals to host in 2022

27 November '20
EURADOS - Newsletter (2021)

Call for proposals to host in 2022 

The Joint Int.l Conference on Individual Monitoring and Neutron and Ion Dosimetry Conference

EURADOS ensures the continuity and consistency of international scientific conferences by coordinating the organization of the International Conference on Individual Monitoring IM and the Neutron and Ion Dosimetry Conference NEUDOS. Due to the COVID-19 epidemic the planned IM-2020 in Budapest and NEUDOS-14 in Barcelona were cancelled.

With this letter, we would like to announce the procedure to select the organizers for the joint IM2022+Neudos-14 conference to be organized exceptionally as a one event in Spring 2022.

For additional information, criteria and procedures, please download the Call for proposal

You are kindly invited to circulate this letter also among other organisms.


We are a network of more than 80 European institutions (Voting Members) and 560 scientists (Associate Members). We promote research and development and European cooperation in the field of the dosimetry of ionizing radiation.


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EURADOS-Newsletter [at] eurados [dot] org

Executive editor
Paola Fattibene
Istituto Superiore di Sanita', ISS

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