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Newsletter October 15, 2020 - Joint EANM-EURADOS session at the EANM virtual conference

15 October '20
EURADOS - Newsletter (2021)

As part of the EURADOS-EANM collaboration a joint symposium is organized at this year’s EANM virtual conference, with as session title ‘Hot Topics in Radiation Protection’.

The session intends to provide an overview of the current status of some of the most controversial topics in radiation protection. The following presentations are on the programme:

  • LNT model – Understanding, Applications and Limitations (Nicolas Varmenot – Nantes, France)
  • Breastfeeding – The Confusing Status of Rules and Guidelines – The Need for Harmonization (Sigrid Leide-Svegborn – Malmö, Sweden)
  • External Dose Rates from Nuclear Medicine Patients to Specific Patient-Carers Geometries – A computational Approach (Lara Struelens – Mol, Belgium / EURADOS)
  • Selecting Biokinetic Models for TAC Calculations and Issues with MIRD Compartmental Model of 18F-FDG (Weibo Li, Neuherberg, Germany / EURADOS)

The broadcasting of the recorded presentations is foreseen on Thursday, October 22, 16:35-18:05. Registered participants can watch every session live or on demand, directly after broadcasting or even after the congress.

Next to this, there is another EURADOS related presentation by Robert Kollaard on Friday 23rd.

  • OP-419 Extremity dose in nuclear medicine: EURADOS initiative to update the ORAMED results.

Link to the EANM congress:


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Istituto Superiore di Sanita', ISS

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