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  • EURADOS_General-contact

    General contact

    European Radiation Dosimetry Group e.V. (EURADOS)

    Postfach 1129
    85758 Neuherberg

    Ingolstädter Landstraße 1
    85764 Neuherberg

    Phone: +49 89 3187 2582
    Email: office [at] eurados [dot] org

  • Kersitn Hürkamp

    EURADOS Office

    Kerstin Hürkamp
    Phone: +49 89 3187 2582
    e-mail: office [at] eurados [dot] org

  • Babs van Hees

    GDPR Officer

    General Data Protection Officer
    Babs van Hees
    Phone: +32 14 33 28 80
    e-mail: babs [dot] van [dot] hees [at] sckcen [dot] be

Editorial contact

Newsletter & Social Media

Agnieszka Szumska (Newsletter and YouTube)
agnieszka [dot] szumska [at] ifj [dot] edu [dot] pl

Liliana Stolarczyk (LinkedIn)
lilsto [at] rm [dot] dk

Rick Tanner (Twitter)
rick [dot] tanner [at] hsa [dot] gov [dot] uk


Kerstin Hürkamp
kerstin [dot] huerkamp [at] eurados [dot] org

Veronika Olšovcová
veronika [dot] olsovcova [at] eli-beams [dot] eu

Sigrid Vanspauwen (Technical support website)
sigrid [dot] vanspauwen [at] sckcen [dot] be

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