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Working Group (WG) Membership

Requirement for WG full membership

To be a full member of a WG, a person must

1. be EURADOS Associate Member OR a representative (or substitute of the representative) of a Voting Member. 

If a person ceases to be a Voting Member representative, they must become a EURADOS Associate Member if they wish to continue as a WG member.


2. be ACTIVE in the WG by:

  1. contributing to at least one WG meeting per year OR
  2. providing significant relevant advice on the conduct of WG business OR
  3. carrying out research relevant for the WG (including communication with outside organisations) OR
  4. producing substantive text for, or editing, reports or publications related to WG actions.

If, in the opinion of the WG Chair, the member does not meet ANY of these criteria for TWO years, then their full membership will lapse.


Membership and Appointment

  1. Besides full members, WGs may have an additional category of corresponding members.

  2. Proposals for new full members can be made by existing full members. The proposed member must meet or expect to meet the criteria above.

  3. Proposals can be made by e-mail and any responses directed to the WG Chair / WG Secretary.

  4. New full members will be appointed by agreement of at least 50 % of the existing full members.

  5. If agreed, full membership will begin when officially endorsed and minuted in the proceedings of a WG meeting.

  6. New full members must be notified by the WG Chair / WG Secretary.

  7. The WG Chair/ Secretary will inform the EURADOS Office of new full members as soon as possible, and report to Council at or before their next meeting. If relevant, work area access will be requested.

  8. While their application is pending, proposed full WG members may have the status of corresponding member.

  9. Attendance at a WG meeting does not necessarily make a person a full member of the WG.

Other Procedures

  1. All claims for expenses must be agreed by the WG Chair. At the Chair’s discretion, this can extend to colleagues who are not full members (e.g. invited expert).

  2. Full members may also be full members of other WGs, but being a full member of one WG does not automatically qualify them for full membership of another.

  3. Working Groups can also keep lists (subject to data protection) of contact persons for collecting input for the WG activities and for distributing questionnaires.

  4. Working Groups can also keep mailing lists (likewise subject to data protection) of interested people, but being on a mailing list does not make them full members of the WG.

Entitlements of full WG members

  • Can normally expect to claim travel and subsistence expenses, subject to the approval of the WG Chair.
  • Can stand for election as WG Chair.
  • Can take part in elections for the WG Chair.
  • Can have access to the EURADOS work area, subject to the agreement of the WG Chair.

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