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Working Groups

The core of EURADOS activities is aimed at promoting scientific and technical research and development in the field of ionising radiation. EURADOS maintains a network of experts  in the scientific field of dosimetry, who are organized within a variable number of EURADOS Working Groups  (WGs) which are composed of Associate Members. The principal activities encompass working group coordination, organisation of scientific meetings and training activities, intercomparisons, benchmark studies, and management of databases and websites. A further activity concerns the development of a strategic research agenda for dosimetric research for Europe. The results of EURADOS activities will be published in the open literature.

  • EURADOS-SCKCEN-Individual-monitoring-dosimetry

    WG2 – Harmonisation of individual monitoring

    WG Chairperson
    Nicky Gibbens
    Nicky [dot] Gibbens [at] ukhsa [dot] gov [dot] uk (Nicky[dot]Gibbens[at]ukhsa[dot]gov[dot]uk)

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  • EURADOS-Environmental-dosimetry

    WG3 – Environmental dosimetry

    WG Chairperson
    Arturo Vargas
    arturo [dot] vargas [at] upc [dot] edu (arturo[dot]vargas[at]upc[dot]edu)

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  • EURADOS-SCKCEN-Computational-dosimetry

    WG6 – Computational dosimetry

    WG Chairperson
    Hans Rabus
    Hans [dot] rabus [at] ptb [dot] de (Hans[dot]rabus[at]ptb[dot]de)

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  • EURADOS-SCKCEN-Internal-dosimetry

    WG7 – Internal dosimetry

    WG Chairperson
    David Broggio
    david [dot] broggio [at] irsn [dot] fr (david[dot]broggio[at]irsn[dot]fr)

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  • WG9

    WG9 – Radiation dosimetry in radiotherapy

    WG Chairperson
    Liliana Stolarczyk
    lilsto [at] rm [dot] dk (lilsto[at]rm[dot]dk)

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  • EURADOS-Retrospective-dosimetry

    WG10 – Retrospective dosimetry

    WG Chairperson
    Liz Ainsbury
    liz [dot] ainsbury [at] phe [dot] gov [dot] uk (liz[dot]ainsbury[at]phe[dot]gov[dot]uk)


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  • EURADOS-SCKCEN-High-energy-radiations

    WG11 – High energy radiation fields

    WG Chairperson
    Marco Caresana
    marco [dot] caresana [at] polimi [dot] it (marco[dot]caresana[at]polimi[dot]it)

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    WG12 – Dosimetry in medical imaging

    WG Chairperson
    Paolo Ferrari
    paolo [dot] ferrari [at] enea [dot] it (paolo[dot]ferrari[at]enea[dot]it)

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  • Pilot Group Dosimetry in Nuclear Medicine

    Pilot Group – Dosimetry in nuclear medicine

    PG Chairperson
    Weibo Li
    wli [at] bfs [dot] de (wli[at]bfs[dot]de)

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Working Group (WG) Membership

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