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WG2 - TG Improving the quality of CR-39 material for neutron dosimetry


Aim of this task is improving the quality of CR-39 available used as neutron detector.

As appears from the literature, Individual Monitoring Services (IMSs) employing CR-39 track-etched dosimeters show common problems ultimately linked to the material quality of the CR-39, namely:

  • high intrinsic background: a large number of etched pits/tracks, hence a non-negligible signal, is observed even for unexposed CR-39s;
  • variable intrinsic background: the background signal varies across a batch/sheet of CR-39s;
  • variable CR-39s sensitivity across batches;
  • variable ageing and fading phenomena across batches.

This task intends to address these issues in order to improve and harmonize neutron dosimetry performed with solid-state nuclear track detectors (SSNTDs) based on CR-39 material by harmonizing the quality of this specific material by involving CR-39 suppliers in these research studies.

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