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Voting Members

Typically, EURADOS Voting  Members are institutions such as universities, research  centers, dosimetry  services, hospital units, national governmental  bodies, international organisations with interest in the scientific  field of dosimetry of ionising radiation and its application in radiation protection practice. Each voting member nominates a permanent representative (delegate) who attends the General Assembly. The General Assembly is responsible for the governance of EURADOS and for the approval of objectives and strategy. EURADOS includes 80 Voting Members from about 30 (mostly) European countries.


EURADOS Voting Members

Application for voting membership of EURADOS

Herewith I confirm that all data are being filled in correctly. I consent to the information and contact details provided by myself being used by EURADOS, in order to contact me for communication purposes and evaluate my application for Voting Membership. I know that I can revoke my consent to the collection, use and storage of my personal data at any time by sending my revocation to With my signature, I agree to the Data Privacy Statement, which I have read.


declares its intention to act as Voting Member of EURADOS.

Our area(s) of interest or activity in dosimetry is(are):

Area of expertise

Please describe your linkage to EURADOS and the reasons why you would like to be a EURADOS Voting member:

The scientist who will normally act as Voting Member representative in the General Assembly of EURADOS will be:


Please nominate another person to act as a substitute on behalf of the Voting Member representative.

Details of when, where and by whom this application was completed:

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