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WG12 – Dosimetry in medical imaging

  • Paolo Ferrari


    Paolo Ferrari

    Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development (ENEA), Italy

    Email: paolo [dot] ferrari [at] enea [dot] it (paolo[dot]ferrari[at]enea[dot]it)


  • WG12 Secretary Eleftheria Carinou


    Eleftheria Carinou

    Greek Atomic Energy Commission (ΕΕΑΕ), Greece

    Email: eleftheria [dot] carinou [at] eeae [dot] gr (eleftheria[dot]carinou[at]eeae[dot]gr)


  • EURADOS-Working-group


    Working Group 12  has:

    • 26 full members from 15 countries
    • 52 corresponding members from 20 countries
    • 21 observer.


Medical procedures using ionising radiation constitute by far the largest contribution to people by man-made radiation sources. Although the benefit for the patients exposed will normally outweigh the risk associated with the radiation, there is concern that patients may undergo radiological examinations that will not have any impact on their diagnosis/healthcare, or that unnecessary high doses could be delivered with regard to the diagnostic outcome. Moreover, the increasing use of ionising radiation in the medical sector has also an impact on occupational exposures, and there are concerns that practices such as interventional procedures may cause high individual dosesboth to staff and patients. Tissue reactions to both categories have been reported. Furthermore, the recent decrease in the eye lens limit for the occupationally exposed personnel sets stricter scenery in individual monitoring from a technical and regulatory point of view.This means that it is essential to foster the implementation of the basic principles in radiation protection, justification and optimisation, and for occupational exposures also dose limitation. Radiation dose measurement and assessment is an essential part of radiation protection framework.

Aim of the Working Group:

Assessment and improvement of patient and staff dosimetry in the medical field, excluding radiotherapy.


Main objectives

  • WG12 is focused on patient and staff dosimetry in the medical field; diagnostic and interventional radiology, and nuclear medicine, excluding radiotherapy.
  • The overall aim of the WG12 is focused on dosimetry harmonization, evaluation and development of dosimetry methods, preparation of recommendations, intercomparisons, literature reviews and measurement campaigns to assess occupational and patient exposure.
  • WG 12 is actively collaborating with EFOMP and EANM on several tasks.
  • Members of WG 12 include experts from the medical physicist’s community, reference and research laboratories, dosimetry services and regulators.

Task Groups

  • Staff dosimetry in medical imaging (SG1)

    Task Group leader: Isabelle Clairand (IRSN, France)

    More information

  • Patient dosimetry (SG2)

    Task Group leader: Marta Sans Merce (University Hospital of Geneva, Switzerland)

    More information

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