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Documents & Publications

  • EURADOS-Reports

    Reports & Documents

    Quite a number of EURADOS Working Group activities lead to new scientific findings that are worth being published. Typically, Working Groups describe results of their scientific work in great detail in a EURADOS Report.

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  • EURADOS Publications


    In addition to the EURADOS Reports, the Working Groups publish summary evaluations of their joint actions in the peer-reviewed scientific journals.

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  • COVID-19

    EURADOS recommendations to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic

    These recommendations are issued as a guide for the operation of Individual Monitoring Services (IMS), Calibration Laboratories and other stakeholders involved in dosimetry during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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  • MEDIRAD project

    MEDIRAD recommendations to enhance the protection of patients and staff exposed to low doses of radiation

    MEDIRAD is a research project funded by EURATOM under Horizon 2020 Programme with the overall aim of enhancing the scientific basis and clinical practice of radiation protection in medicine, in particular by better understanding and evaluating the health effects of exposure to low-dose ionising radiation resulting from diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. 

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