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WG2 – Harmonisation of individual monitoring

  • Nicky Gibbens


    Nicky Gibbens
    UKHSA (United Kingdom)
    Email: Nicky [dot] Gibbens [at] ukhsa [dot] gov [dot] uk (Nicky[dot]Gibbens[at]ukhsa[dot]gov[dot]uk)

  • Peter Kaidin Frederiksen


    Peter Kaidin Frederiksen
    Danish Health Authority (Denmark)
    Email: pkfr [at] sis [dot] dk (pkfr[at]sis[dot]dk)

  • EURADOS-Working-group


    Working Group 2 has:

    • 40 full members from 18 countries
    • ~100 observers


In order to foster Harmonization of Individual Monitoring in Europe, three main tasks were identified:

1) the organization of regular self-sustained intercomparison (IC) exercises,

The organization of regular IC exercises provides to the individual monitoring services a method to show compliance with the ISO/IEC 17025 requirements, as accreditation in conformity to this standard is becoming more and more important in Europe.

2) the improvement of quality and reliability in measurements, dose reporting and record keeping,

Under the improvement of quality and reliability, several activities have been identified, including the need to ensure continuing and future personnel skills through training, and the sharing of best practice through developing best-practice guides, workshops and networking.  

3) the dissemination of the generated activity.

Best practice and recommendations are further shared by dissemination activities though, in addition to training courses, publications and presentations at various scientific meetings and/ or in journals.

EURADOS WG2 regularly publishes the results of its activity in the open literature (e.g. Radiation Protection Dosimetry, Radiation Measurements) and through EURADOS Reports, available on the website.

Aim of Working Group 2: 

Since 1997, the motivation of WG2 is to foster Harmonization of Individual Monitoring in Europe.

Task Groups

  • Doemeters

    Intercomparison exercises for Individual Monitoring Services

    Task Group leader: Tom Grimbergen (Mirion Technologies, The Netherlands) for photon/betas exercises and Marie-Anne Chevallier (IRSN, France) for neutron exercises

    More information

  • Training Courses

    Training courses on Radiation Protection Dosimetry and Accreditation of IMS: Secrets & Solutions (based on Radiation Protection 160)

    Task Group leader: Oliver Hupe (PTB, Germany)

    More information

  • CR-39

    Improving the quality of CR-39 material for neutron dosimetry

    Task Group leader: Matteo Bolzonella (POLIMI, Italy)

    More Information

  • WG2 Survey Task

    Collaborative ISO/EURADOS survey on routine practices

    Task Group leader: Wioletta Dobrzynska (Cavendish Nuclear, United Kingdom)

    A EURADOS survey is under elaboration (start in 2020) in collaboration with ISO. The results of the survey focused on the routine practices of IMSs would be useful as reliable inputs to help writing two new ISO standards. These two documents will aim at giving guidance on individual dosimetry for exposure to external radiations.

  • IT Task

    IT Task

    Task Group leader: Robert Bernat (Ruder Boškovic Institute, Croatia)

    The aim of this task is to identify data and IT problems facing by IMSs and develop some recommendations to solve them such as for instance data management, data security, data storage, GDPR right to be forgotten issues, etc.

  • Training Task

    Training Task

    Task Group leader: Liam Buchanan (AWE, UK)

    This task, started in 2020, has emerged from the observation that there no formal training scheme for staff of individual monitoring services. A paper will be submitted in a journal, making broad recommendations on what training IMS staff should have.

  • Learning Network

    Learning Network

    Task Group leader: Francesco Rossi (AOU Careggi, Italy)

    Learning Network is intended to share and discuss about ‘hot’ topics faced within the community.  Such event is organized by WG2 at the EURADOS annual meeting. WG2 asks the IMS community to choose 2-3 ones to be discussed in this Learning Network per event. Such open discussions are essential to have anyone shares his experience and have raised some problematics that could feed the WG2 action plan.

    Such event is always organized at our EURADOS Annual Meetings.

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