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EURADOS Intercomparison 2024 for whole body dosemeters (IC2024ph)

06 July '24

EURADOS, through its Working Group 2 (WG2), has established a programme self sustained dosimetry    intercomparisons (IC) for individual monitoring services (IMS) with the aims of improving the harmonization of individual monitoring and helping IMS to comply with ISO 17025. Eight ICs for whole body dosemeters, three ICs for extremity dosemeters and one combined IC for extremity and eye lens dosemeters have been completed since 2008. EURADOS now has the pleasure of announcing IC2024ph for whole body dosemeters.


The 2024ph intercomparison is for whole body dosemeters used for the assessment of Hp(10) and/or Hp(0.07). Irradiations for photons will be carried out in an accredited or primary standard European irradiation facility in terms of Hp(10) and Hp(0.07) in the following ranges:

  • Energy: 30 keV to 1.3 MeV
  • Dose equivalent: 0.2 mSv to 1 Sv
  • Angle of incidence: ± 60º

Intercomparison procedure

IMS wishing to participate will complete the application form which can be accessed after registration on the IC2024ph on-line platform (IOP). The participating IMS will be informed when the applications have been accepted. 

On acceptance of the application, the participants will receive an invoice from EURADOS and instructions for dosemeter labelling and despatch.

The participation fee is 1350 Euro per dosimetry system. EURADOS sponsors will pay 1215 Euro for one system and 1350 Euro for any additional systems.  Fees must be transferred in advance to the EURADOS bank account (bank transfer costs have to be paid by the participant) after receiving the invoice from EURADOS. Refunding will only be possible in the unlikely event that the intercomparison is cancelled by EURADOS. 

The fees have been calculated on a non-profit basis and any surplus money will be used to support the harmonisation of individual monitoring and other EURADOS activities.

For this intercomparison a total of 30 dosemeters are required per registered dosimetry system. 

  • 20 dosemeters for irradiation
  • 10 transit / spare dosemeters 

After the irradiations have been carried out, the coordinator will return the dosemeters to the participants for readout. Within one month from receiving the dosemeters the participants will submit the results in terms of Hp(10) and/or Hp(0.07) in accordance with the procedures specified on the IOP. 

After the deadline for submitting results to the coordinator has passed, participants will receive details of their response values. Change of results after distribution of the irradiation data will only be possible in case of technical or administrative errors made by the irradiation laboratory or the coordinator.

After confirmation of the results, EURADOS will provide the participants with a “Certificate of Participation” including information on the irradiation qualities, doses, response values and overall uncertainties for all irradiations.

Intercomparison Report

The Organization Group will prepare a report summarizing the results of the intercomparison. The report will include the names of the IMS that have participated, the types of dosemeter and a photograph of dosemeters used but the results will be presented anonymously.

Intercomparison results will be treated by EURADOS as confidential data and IMS identity will not be disclosed. Data used in technical and scientific studies will be anonymous. The Organization Group has appropriate procedures agreed to ensure confidentiality and the participants results will be known only to a minimum number of persons within the Organization Group.

Provisional Schedule – dates to be confirmed

  • *Registration of participants and systems: from 9 July 2024
  • Deadline for IMS sending application forms: 1 August 2024
  • Deadline for IMS sending dosemeters to Coordinator: 1 September 2024
  • Irradiations: October – November 2024 
  • Coordinator sending dosemeters for readout: December 2024
  • Deadline for IMS sending dosemeters results to Coordinator: January 2025
  • Final results available: March 2025
  • IMS receiving certificates of participation: April 2025

EURADOS Intercomparison 2024 Organization Group   

  • Tom Grimbergen, Mirion Dosimetry Services, NL
  • Hannes Stadtmann, Seibersdorf Labor GmbH, AT  
  • Markus Figel, Mirion Medical GmbH, DE
  • Ana Romero, Ciemat, ES
  • Wioletta Dobrzynska, Cavendish Nuclear, UK
  • Andrew McWhan, Charthouse Data Management Ltd, UK


Christian Gärtner, Seibersdorf Labor GmbH, AT

Contact: ic2024ph [at] eurados-intercomparison [dot] org (ic2024ph[at]eurados-intercomparison[dot]org) 

*Registration (available from 9 July 2024):


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