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11th EURADOS Webinar: Challenges and developments in the field of therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals

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11th EURADOS Webinar

Online event
Starting time: 15:30 CET



In 2020 EURADOS published an update of its Strategic Research Agenda (SRA). The updated SRA contains 5 visions which cover the main fields in radiation dosimetry. For each vision challenges and subsequently more detailed research lines are defined. Vision 4: “Towards integrated personalized dosimetry in medical applications” covers the challenges of patient dosimetry in nuclear medicine focussing on both internal dosimetry for pre-clinical development and evaluation of radiopharmaceuticals emitting alpha, beta and auger radiation and implementation of internal dosimetry in clinical practice. Based on SRA vision 4, EURADOS Working Group 7 “internal dosimetry” composes a task group focussing on the development of a roadmap towards a dosimetry model for radionuclide therapy which should provide guidance on the role of EURADOS to address internal dosimetry for therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals. In this webinar we first would like to address the challenges and approach of this task group and give our invited speakers the opportunity to give a short insight into the challenges and developments in relation to the production of new radiopharmaceuticals and related dosimetry. Knowing what to expect in the near future is essential for this task group and the roadmap to develop and initiated the basis for this webinar.

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