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8th EURADOS Webinar: Inter-comparisons of personal dosimeters: Lessons learnt

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8th EURADOS Webinar

Online event
Starting time: 15:00 CEST



In 2008, a task group started an action, in the framework of EURADOS (European Radiation Dosimetry Group), consisting of inter-comparison exercises of personal dosimeters. This action, led by WG2 "Harmonization of Individual Monitoring in Europe", has become essential, with demand from dosimetry services increasing over the years. The success of the regular self-sustained inter-comparison exercises for Individual Monitoring Services (IMSs) has not faded since it meets a real need. Improvements in the organization have been made over the years by taking into account newly published standards or by adapting the exercises to the need of IMSs. For instance, eye lens dosimeters were introduced since 2019, neutron dosimetry has its own inter-comparison series, …

After more than 10 years of experience of organizing these exercises, it’s time to look back and see what the lessons learnt are.


  1. Welcome (Marie-Anne Chevallier) → view presentation
  2. Introduction (Tom Grimbergen) → view presentation
  3. Intercomparisons photon/beta: lessons learned from general results (Hannes Stadtmann) → view presentation
  4. Intercomparisons photon/beta: lessons learned from individual results (Ana Maria Romero) → view presentation
  5. Lessons learned from neutron intercomparisons (Elena Fantuzzi) → view presentation


EURADOS Working Group 2

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