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Award: rules and requirements

EURADOS has established rules and requirements for the selection of young scientists to receive Awards that will be offered annually during the EURADOS General Assembly. 

The frame

The research carried out within EURADOS working groups will be the frame of the award to be assigned every year. Priority will be given to proposals directly linked with activities mentioned in the EURADOS Strategic Research Agenda (SRA).


The EURADOS Young Scientist Award

The award will consist of 500 € (amount to be confirmed annually by the EURADOS Council). It is expected that the final outcome of the research work has resulted in a peer reviewed publication and/or presentation in international conference or workshop. The Award includes an official certificate signed by the EURADOS Executive Board and an invitation to the next EURADOS Annual Meeting.


  • Requirement 1

    The candidate should not have worked for more than 8 years after graduation or after PhD completion at the application deadline date and should show his/her excellence in research on dosimetry of ionizing radiation.

  • Requirement 2

    The research should have been carried out within the workplan of a EURADOS WG.

  • Requirement 3

    The research shall be in line with the EURADOS Strategic Research Agenda (SRA).

    View SRA

Criteria and rules for selection

A Selection Committee (SC) consisting of members of the EURADOS  Council and WG Chairpersons will be in charge of the assessment of proposals and the preliminary selection of the Young Scientist Award among the candidates according with criteria for selection. The WG Chairpersons will refrain from voting whenever there is a conflict of interest with their working groups. The SC will recommend the recipients of the EURADOS Award to the Council which takes the final decision. In general, one award will be awarded each year. The EURADOS Council may decide on smaller or larger number of Awards, depending on the quality of the applications and the financial capacity of EURADOS. 

The following criteria will be used in the assessment:

  • Criterion 1

    CV of the candidate

  • Criterion 2

    Relevant publications published (or accepted with proof for publication) in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

  • Criterion 3

    For the scientific work: (1) scientific excellence, the research shall be original and innovative, (2) multi-disciplinary approach and (3) research performed in a frame of collaboration between various institutes will be appreciated as added value. 

Time schedule

  1. Announcement of the Call for Proposals through the EURADOS Newsletter during summer each year.
  2. Deadline for the receipt of proposals for the Young Scientist Award in October in general.
  3. Assessment of the proposals and preliminary selection of candidates by the SC in October.
  4. Final decision of the recipients of the award will be decided by the Council by vote.
  5. Announcement of the final decision of the awards through the EURADOS Newsletter in December after the acceptance of the recipients of the Award.
  6. This time schedule may be adjusted by the Selection Committee if needed.


The candidates will send their application form to the EURADOS Office by e-mail (office [at] eurados [dot] org (office[at]eurados[dot]org)) before the deadline. The application will be written in English (maximum 10 pages) and should include:

  • a short description of the research context and the link to the EURADOS SRA and to the activities of EURADOS WGs;
  • an abstract and/or publication/presentation describing the research work and main results;
  • a short CV of the candidate of maximum 2 pages;
  • a list of scientific publications and presentations;
  • a letter of support of the scientific supervisor and the WG Chair.

The EURADOS Office will check the application, provide the candidates with a receipt. The Selection Committee may ask for supplementary information if needed. 

The recipients will be informed after selection by e-mail. His/her presence is expected at the EURADOS Annual Meeting to present a short report at the General Assembly. The costs for the participation will be covered by EURADOS and the fee will be waived. 

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