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Call for support for Ukraine

27 June '22

Call to collect radiation protection instrumentation that EURADOS institutes may have available but no longer use, to donate to Ukrainian institutes and hospitals, which deeply need our help.

Our Ukrainian colleagues informed us that any radiation monitoring equipment, both survey meters and clinical dosimeters, will be of great value, as well as clinical QA tools.

Preference should be given to instruments with accreditation in Ukraine, so that they can be legally used for officially recognised measurements, but this should obviously not be a constraint. CERN and Polytechnic of Milano (POLIMI) can take care of calibrating radiation protection instruments (but not medical equipment), POLIMI being also able to issue an official calibration certificate. On the other hand, no computers or items containing radioactive materials is appropriate.

Some of our Polish colleagues will take care of receiving the donated instruments in Krakow, and one of the humanitarian organisations would take the equipment from Poland to Ukraine. It is planned that a charity foundation will act as a counterpart and as distribution hub in Ukraine, and then forward the instruments to the end recipients.

As first step we will collect a wish list from Ukrainian institutes and hospitals of radiation protection and
radiation dosimetry instrumentation that are of urgent need. At the same time, we would like to establish an inventory of available donations, and we are thus asking you to inform us of any instrument you may be able to donate to Ukraine

We will then try to match the list of the recipients based on the available donations. Only when the final destination of each item is decided, the package will be assembled and moved to Ukraine by a volunteer organisation as a humanitarian aid.

Please inform us by 31 July 2022 at the e-mail address office [at] eurados [dot] org if you are able to supply equipment and of what type.

Thank you very much.

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