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EURADOS Calibration Intercomparison IC2023calib (WG3-SG2)

24 May '23

Procedure: The participant will get passive area dosemeters from IRSN/France for performing irradiations at specified irradiation conditions and at a specified irradiation date. Upon registration, the participant can choose one, two, three or four of the following ISO 4037 x-ray and gamma radiation qualities: N-30, N-150, S-Cs (caesium-137), and S-Co (cobalt-60). The mean relative deviation to the reference laboratory PTB/Germany and the En-score criterium will be evaluated and provided in a certificate.

Irradiation requirements: For each radiation quality, 6 dosemeters must be irradiated free-in-air with 10 mSv in terms of H*(10).

Timing requirements: The irradiation must be carried out in calendar week 40, 41, or 42, most preferably on or close to 11 October 2023. The dosemeters must be sent back to IRSN and must arrive before 31 October 2023.

Pricing information: The participation fee depends on the number of chosen radiation qualities and the status of being a EURADOS sponsor as given in the announcement for download below.


Registration is closed.

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