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EURADOS Intercomparison 2024 for extremity dosemeters (IC2024ext)

05 March '24
Ring dosemeters

EURADOS, through its Working Group 2 (WG2), has established a programme self sustained dosimetry    intercomparisons (IC) for individual monitoring services (IMS) with the aims of improving the harmonization of individual monitoring and helping IMS to comply with ISO 17025. Eight ICs for whole body dosemeters, two ICs for extremity dosemeters and one combined IC for extremity and eye lens dosemeters have been completed since 2008. EURADOS now has the pleasure of announcing IC2024ext for extremity dosemeters.


The 2024ext intercomparison is for extremity dosemeters (ring, stall or wrist) used routinely for the assessment of Hp(0.07) and designed to measure either photons and beta or photons only. Irradiations will be carried out in accredited or primary standard European irradiation facilities in terms of Hp(0.07) in the following ranges:

  1. Photon energy: 16 keV to 662 keV
  2. Beta mean energy: 250 to 1000 keV
  3. Dose equivalent: 0.5 mSv to 1 Sv
  4. Angle of incidence: ± 60º

Contact: ic2024ext [at] eurados-intercomparison [dot] org (ic2024ext[at]eurados-intercomparison[dot]org) 

Registration before April 1st, 2024:

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