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EURADOS Report 2022-01 published: "Intercomparison IC2021area of passive area dosimetry systems"

10 June '22

EURADOS Report 2022-01 is published: "Intercomparison IC2021area
of passive area dosimetry systems

Christian Hranitzky, Christian Gärtner, Christian Naber, Julia Aslan, Maria A. Duch, Thomas Haninger, Željka Knežević

Abstract: The EURADOS intercomparison IC2021area was carried out between May 2021 and April 2022 for 66 participating passive H*(10) area dosimetry systems from 47 different institutes and monitoring services. Three measurement conditions were provided at locations of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology: 3-months indoor, 3-months outdoor and 6-months outdoor. The challenge of this intercomparison was measuring additionally irradiated low dose radiation. Six dosemeters of each participating system were irradiated with Cs-137 gamma reference radiation: Three dosemeters with 150 μSv and three dosemeters with 300 μSv. Another six dosemeters of each participating system were not irradiated and were used for background dose subtraction. Typical values of the measured background dose were between 200 μSv and 450 μSv with a few significantly higher values up to 1.6 mSv. Despite the challenge of the low reference dose values, more than 90 % of the resulting response values of the irradiated dosemeters were within the recommended ISO 14146 trumpet curve response limits.

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