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EURADOS support to our Ukrainian colleagues

01 March '22

The EURADOS Council fiercely condemns the unprovoked and unjustified military aggression against Ukraine and assures absolute support and solidarity to all EURADOS colleagues and scientists in Ukraine. We will do whatever is possible to ensure and support your further participation in our work.

Given the current situation in Ukraine the Council of the European Radiation Dosimetry Group (EURADOS) explicitly emphasizes and stresses that EURADOS, for the 40 years of its existence, has developed as a peaceful forum for scientific collaboration, meeting people, creating personal contacts, and making friends. EURADOS has demonstrated how science can contribute to the growth of an international family uninhibited by national borders or differences in political systems or leadership. This is what EURADOS is about today and will remain in the future.

Dear colleagues from Ukraine,

we have always greatly appreciated your activities and that of your institutions in EURADOS, your presence during our Annual Meetings, and your significant contributions to our Working Groups.

In these difficult times our thoughts are with you, your families and Ukrainian people. 

The EURADOS Council on behalf of the whole EURADOS community

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