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A Virtual Special Issue on WG6 EURADOS Intercomparisons in Computational Dosimetry

10 August '22
Special Issue WG6

The journal Radiation Measurements has just published a Virtual Special Issue (VSI) on EURADOS WG6 Intercomparisons in Computational Dosimetry, edited by Stefano Agosteo, Hans Rabus, Rick Tanner.

EURADOS WG 6 “Computational Dosimetry” has a cross-sectional role and promotes good practice in the application of computational methods for radiation dosimetry in radiation protection and the medical use of ionizing radiation. In the recent past, a number of intercomparison exercises have been carried out where participants were invited to solve defined problems of computational dosimetry with some freedom in choosing their methodology and approach. This special issue collects the reports on the results for the different exercises and an overarching analysis of the common mistakes and misconceptions encountered that provides insight into the state of the art with respect to the application of computational methods and give guidance for best practice recommendations.

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