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Reports & Documents

Quite a number of EURADOS Working Group activities lead to new scientific findings that are worth being published. Typically, WGs describe results of their scientific work in great detail in a EURADOS Report. These reports can be freely downloaded from the EURADOS website.

Printed versions of the reports can be requested by sending an e-mail to office [at] eurados [dot] org.



EURADOS Report 2022-02

P. Gilvin, M. Caresana, J.-F. Bottollier-Depois, V. Chumak, I. Clairand, J. Eakins, P. Ferrari, O. Hupe, P. Olko, A. Röttger, R.J. Tanner, F. Vanhavere, E. Bakhanova, V. Bandalo, D. Ekendahl, H. Hödlmoser, D. Matthiä, G. Reitz, M. Latocha, P. Beck, D. Thomas and R. Behrens. "Evaluation of the Impact of the New ICRU Operational Quantities and Recommendations for their Practical Application", July 2022.
View the report.

DOI: 10.12768/yxy4-5q82

EURADOS Report 2022-01

C. Hranitzky, C. Gärtner, C. Naber, J. Aslan, M.A. Duch, T. Haninger, Ž. Knežević. "Intercomparison IC2021area of passive area dosimetry systems", May 2022.
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DOI: 10.12768/55t9-ms26


EURADOS Report 2021-06

S. Mayer, M-A. Chevallier, E. Fantuzzi, M. Hajek, M. Luszik-Bhadra, R. Tanner, D.J. Thomas, F. Vanhavere: „EURADOS Intercomparison IC2017n for Neutron Dosemeters” Neuherberg, November 2021.
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DOI: 10.12768/wxyx-yz95

EURADOS Report 2021-05

A.F. McWhan, W. Dobrzynska, H. Stadtmann, T.W.M. Grimbergen, M. Figel, A.M. Romero, I. Clairand: "EURADOS Intercomparison 2019 for Extremity and Eye Lens Dosemeters - Summary of Procedures, Results and Conclusions", Neuherberg, September 2021.
View the report.

DOI: 10.12768/v11r-w898

EURADOS Report 2021-04

W. Li, D. Broggio, A. Giussani, T. Vrba, K. Hürkamp, A. Kamp, D. Noßke, L. Struelens, P. Covens: “EURADOS Intercomparison on Compartmental Model for 18F-FDG Developed by Hays and Segall”, Neuherberg, July 2021.
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DOI: 10.12768/zz8y-xw93

EURADOS Report 2021-03

P. Beck, J.F. Bottollier-Depois, R. Bütikofer, E. Flückiger, N. Fuller, K.-L. Klein, M. Latocha, V. Mares, D. Matthiä, W. Rühm: “Comparison of Codes Assessing Radiation Exposure at Aviation Altitudes in Case of Solar Particle Events”, Neuherberg, April 2021.
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DOI: 10.12768/zmq7-bv59

EURADOS Report 2021-02

M.A. Duch, H. Dombrowski, C. Hranitzky: “Overview of passive area dosimetry systems used in European countries”, Neuherberg, February 2021.
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DOI: 10.12768/w4hj-ef08

EURADOS Report 2021-01

E.A. Ainsbury, R. Behrens, E. Carinou, O. Ciraj Bjelac, I. Clairand, J. Dabin, T.W.M. Grimbergen, S. Jacob, R. Kollaard, M. Nesti, L. Struelens: „13th EURADOS Winter School Eye Lens Dosimetry” Neuherberg, January 2021.
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DOI: 10.12768/vep2-g403


EURADOS Report 2020-05

B. Caccia, V. Blideanu, M. Le Roy, H. Rabus, R. Tanner: “A model validation scheme for Monte Carlo simulations of a medical linear accelerator: geometrical description and dosimetric data used in the “Linac Action””, Neuherberg, October 2020.
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DOI: 10.12768/9rvp-fq82

EURADOS Report 2020-04

J-F. Bottollier-Depois, I. Clairand, E. Fantuzzi, P.Fattibene, R. Harrison, O. Hupe, P. Olko, V. Olšovcová, W. Rühm, M. Silari, R. Tanner, F. Vanhavere: “Visions for Radiation Dosimetry over the Next Two Decades - Strategic Research Agenda of the European Radiation Dosimetry Group: Version 2020”, Neuherberg, August 2020
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DOI: 10.12768/c55r-nf27

EURADOS Report 2020-03

H. Stadtmann, A. F. McWhan, T. W. M. Grimbergen, M. Figel, A. M. Romero, B. J. Jansen, C. Hranitzky, C. Gärtner: "EURADOS Intercomparison 2016 for Whole Body Dosemeters in Photon and Mixed Radiation Fields", Neuherberg, June 2020
View the report.

DOI: 10.12768/3ta4-mv61

EURADOS Report 2020-02

B. Petrovic, H. Roed, R. Martín, A. M. Romero, P. Askounis, L. Buchanan, F. Rossi, R. Bernat, J. G. Alves: “ISO/IEC 17025 Guidance for IMS: Suggestions on How to Interpret and Implement the Requirements Including Examples from Accredited Laboratories”, Neuherberg, May 2020
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DOI: 10.12768/tx6x-st58

EURADOS Report 2020-01

A. Vargas, A. Röttger, J.W. Marsh, P. Olko, M. Dubslaff, M. García-Talavera, C. Grossi, W. Hofmann, E. Rage, K. Skubacz, H. Wiedner: “12th EURADOS Winter School: Radon: Dosimetry, Metrology and Regulation” Neuherberg, February 2020
View the report.

DOI: 10.12768/2ccj-yn18


EURADOS Report 2019-02

O. Ciraj Bjelac, J. Dabin, J. Farah, H. Järvinen, F. Malchair, T. Siiskonen, Ž. Knežević: "Patient maximum skin dose in interventional procedures in radiology and cardiology: summary of WG 12 activities"
View the report.

DOI: 10.12768/4vhm-w446

EURADOS Report 2019-01

C.M. Castellani, A. Andrasi, A. Giussani, T. Pázmándi, G. Roberts, G. Etherington: "InterComparison on Internal DOSE Assessment – ICIDOSE 2017 Analysing the intercomparison results"
View the report.

DOI: 10.12768/734q-vd56


EURADOS Report 2018-01

H. Stadtmann, A. F. McWhan, T. W. M. Grimbergen, M. Figel, A. M. Romero, C. Gärtner and C. Hranitzky: "EURADOS Intercomparison 2014 for Whole Body Dosemeters in Photon Fields" Neuherberg, February 2018 
View the report.

DOI: 10.12768/fkb8-5798


EURADOS Report 2017-03

E. Davesne et al. “Uncertainties in internal dose assessment: Lifetime dose assessment for three example workers occupationally exposed to uranium - Analysing the intercomparison results” Neuherberg, October 2017
View the report.

DOI: 10.12768/st9s-c205

EURADOS Report 2017-02

W. Rühm, Ž. Knežević, E. Fantuzzi, R. Harrison, H. Schuhmacher, F. Vanhavere, J. Alves, J.F. Bottollier Depois, P. Fattibene, P. Gilvin, M.A. Lopez, S. Mayer, S. Miljanić, P. Olko, H. Stadtmann, R. Tanner, A. Vargas, C. Woda: "EURADOS Stakeholder Workshop on June 30th, 2016"
View the report.

DOI: 10.12768/284y-0h24

EURADOS Report 2017-01

R.M. Harrison, A. Di Fulvio, J-M. Bordy, S. Miljanić, L. Stolarczyk and Ž. Knežević: "Dosimetry for second cancer risk estimation in radiotherapy: measurements in water phantoms", Neuherberg, April 2017
View the report.

DOI: 10.12768/9jsj-nf81


EURADOS Report 2016-02

A. Buffler, G. Reitz, S. Röttger, F. D. Smit, F. Wissmann (Eds.) “Irradiations at the High-Energy Neutron Facility at iThemba LABS”
View the report.

DOI: 10.12768/94xv-z504

EURADOS Report 2016-01

"Challenges in Micro- and Nanodosimetry for Ion Beam Cancer Therapy (MIND-IBCT)" Report on an International Workshop co-organised by EURADOS, Wiener Neustadt, 2014. Edited by T. Schneider, H. Nettelbeck and H. Rabus
View the report.

DOI: 10.12768/4dr9-fr57


EURADOS Report 2015-04

P. J. Gilvin et al. „Quality Assurance in Individual Monitoring for External – Results of EURADOS Survey 2012“
View the report.

DOI: 10.12768/9fhv-1p47

EURADOS Report 2015-03

H. Järvinen et al. „Technical Aspects on DAP Calibration and CT calibration“
View the report.

DOI: 10.12768/jhra-5d27

EURADOS Report 2015-02

A. F. McWhan et al. "EURADOS Intercomparison 2012 for Whole Body Dosemeters in Photon Fields"
View the report.

DOI: 10.12768/dyyj-eh49

EURADOS Report 2015-01

A. F. McWhan et al. "EURADOS Intercomparison 2010 for Whole Body Dosemeters in Photon Fields"
View the report.

DOI: 10.12768/kvy0-4b56


EURADOS Report 2014-02

E. Fantuzzi et al. "Eurados intercomparison 2012 for Neutron Dosemeters" 
View the report.

DOI: 10.12768/kfkq-g944

EURADOS Report 2014-01

W. Rühm et al. "Visions for Radiation Dosimetry over the Next Two Decades – Strategic Research Agenda of the European Radiation Dosimetry Group" (version May 2014)
View the report.

DOI: 10.12768/k066-1g02


EURADOS Report 2013-03

T.W.M. Grimbergen et al. "EURADOS Intercomparison 2009 for Extremity Dosemeters in Photon and Beta Fields"
View the report.

DOI: 10.12768/fexj-ct72

EURADOS Report 2013-02

S. Pomp et al. "High-energy quasi-monoenergetic neutron fields: existing facilities and future needs"
View the report.

DOI: 10.12768/65pq-dq69

EURADOS Report 2013-01

C. M. Castellani et al. "IDEAS Guidelines (Version 2) for the Estimation of Committed Doses from Incorporation Monitoring data"
View the report.

DOI: 10.12768/6dt6-jc23


EURADOS Report 2012-03

"Comparison of Codes Assessing Radiation Exposure of Aircraft Crew due to Galactic Cosmic Radiation"
View the report.

DOI: 10.12768/sf0h-7h90

EURADOS Report 2012-02

"Optimization of Radiation Protection of Medical Staff"
View the report.

DOI: 10.12768/yc01-0d55

EURADOS Report 2012-01

"EURADOS Intercomparison 2008 for Whole Body Dosemeters in Photon Fields"
View the report.

DOI: 10.12768/nmtv-2a67

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